Nile Stock Exchange

Cairo - Egypt, October 2014: Xpress Integration, a world class IT integration solutions company, has announced the listing of its shares on the Nile Stock Exchange by virtue of the Listing Committee approval issued on the 22nd of October 2014.

Over the past few years, Xpress Integration has witnessed an organic growth in business operations with growing footholds in the MENA region doubling its turnover over a span of seven years. On the grounds of the vigorous growth, the company entrepreneurs has made the decision to get the company shares listed on the NILEX in its homeland Egypt, to take the company success to a another level. Xpress Integration has an issued capital of 2 million EGP distributed over 2 million shares at par.

Following its compliance with the preliminary listing requirements, the company shares were added to EGX database effective 23/10/2014 trading session, however shall only commence after concluding the fair valuation study for its share that is well underway in addition to few remaining disclosures that are to be submitted over the coming six months.

Commenting on the recent listing, the company Managing Director noted that the initial offering of 20% of the company shares shall further the business leverage for snapping up sizable opportunities in the region and meeting the fierce competition with the-best-in class calibers, thus maximizing value for the shareholders.