ERP Mobility

Many enterprises are re-defining their IT strategies to cope with the rapid evolution of the Technology Eco system, nowadays more than ever before. ERP Mobility has become inevitable in dealing with users changing habits, attachment to mobility and social media where mobile devices are used more and more to perform business and personal tasks.

Xpress Integration had achieved a great success in implementing its strategic plan regarding the mobility sector, by developing and implementing a variety of mobile applications that support business process and serves business to be more challenging, controlled and interesting.

Xpress had achieved this success by providing various services that serves more than different business sector like Education Sector – Enterprise Sector- Health Sector- Law Sector and more according to the requirements of our customers.

Xpress is considered one of the market leaders of the ERP Mobility arena. Xpress had finally achieved the full arms of the ERP mobile applications which surely support any kind of business. Since ERP  is not a choice for those who want to compete within the business, the Xpress mobile developers team is working on developing ERP to mobile applications so that entrepreneurs can manage their business through their mobiles- tabs and macs anywhere and anytime.

Where, Mobile ERP is serving as process optimization, revenue generation, loyalty and retention tool for the Enterprise, since it:

Converts travel and wait time of your employees into production time on the move

•Reduction process cycle time

•increase collaborative communication within the enterprise

•Maximize the benefits form 3rd parties

Serves your technology addicted customers through their preferred channels and with faster response and reduce in house task force

•improvement in customer engagement and loyalty

•Beats competition

•Partner collaboration enablement

•Increase in sales