As Technology become an oblige in everyday activities and this is extremely clear in the business market.

Recently and in the past few years, Technology is engulfed in the day to day operation for those who want to compete and retain in the business market. 

Technology is a must in all fields now, and that's why we insist to develop ourselves through our R&D Team to initiate creative solutions that we provide for the Education sector.

Technology role in the educational sector is mostly used in a clear way in most of Universities and Schools. They change the educational process, materials, exams and evaluations through modern software’s. These software or LEARNING SYSTEMS is customized to every client upon the required criteria. 

Xpress Integration development team had entered the modern educational market in 2014 by a primitive development and customizations in the open source 'Moodle’. 

After that and in the second semester of 2015, our innovative advanced development team had finally accomplished in integrating an effective Learning System Solution that can be used through smart phones too. 

Success Story 

Xpress Integration is proud to have a joint venture project with the Leading Virtual Reality Lab in Egypt (ASU Gards).

We had worked with them in a Mega VR project related to the Education for a complete one year.